2006-03-10 - Chicago, IL - The Metro

Thanks to Freek for sharing the recording of this pre-Hissing Fauna show... It features early versions of Suffer For Fashion, Cato As A Pun and Voltaic Crusher, Don't Ask Me To Explain (from Cherry Peel) and Noir Blues To Tinnitus (studio version on the limited edition EP "Deflated Chimes, Foals Slightly Flower Sibylline Responses") AND a cover of the Kinks' "Tired Of Waiting For You."

Part One.
Part Two.

01. Intro
02. Rapture Rapes The Muses
03. So Begins Our Alabee
04. Suffer For Fashion
05. Forecast Fascist Future
06. Voltaic Crusher
07. Eros' Entropic Tundra
08. Spike The Senses
09. Intermission
10. Chrissy Kiss The Corpse
11. Disconnect The Dots
12. Wraith Pinned To The Mist
13. Cato Play With My Head
14. Noir Blues To Tinnitus
15. Lysergic Bliss
16. Jam
17. Oslo In The Summertime
18. I Was Never Young
19. The Party's Crashing Us
20. Band Introductions
21. Tired of waiting for you
22. The Repudiated Immortals
23. My British Tour Diary
24. Don't Ask Me To Explain

Picture by Adrigu.

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